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Mike Hanrahan

Mike brings a wide range of knowledge and experience from both the private and public sector.  As a Research Scientist with Unilever, he worked on household cleaning products and haircare products in the UK and Switzerland.  In the late 1990s, Mike became involved with a global organisational development and performance improvement programme with the company, delivering new ways of working and streamlining processes.  He went on to broaden and further develop these skills as a management consultant, working with public sector organisations improving services across a number of domains including crime and disorder, substance misuse and social care.  This included the production of needs analyses, commissioning strategies and the delivery of Outcome and Milestone Management performance improvement techniques.

He also worked directly with local people, including children and young people in neihgbourhoods in Merseyside, Greater Manchester and the Midlands.  He helped residents design and deliver their own projects to improve their lives through tackling poor health, high levels of crime and disorder and low levels of community involvement in neighbourhood working.

He moved on from this work to specialise in Community Safety in Bury, then Sefton in Merseyside, linking strongly with the safer, stronger, greener, cleaner agenda and improving liveability.  This required a strategic approach, developing better links and inter-dependencies between services and collaborative partnership working.

In 2012 he was appointed Troubled Families Coordinator in Sefton and, and over the next three years led this programme to 100% successful completion, supporting and helping families to tackle youth related crime, poor school attendance and worklessness.  Over 650 families in the Borough benefitted from this programme.

When Mike isn’t working he can be seen riding his tandem with his partner Lucie, although generally in warmer and windless conditions!  He also enjoys overseas travel, especially the Far East and Australia.