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Tracy Ahern

Tracy is a graduate of Hull University and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. She has extensive experience of the Home Improvement Agency (HIA) Sector gained over 15 years as a HIA Manager and also as the County Co-ordinator of a collective of HIA Managers across Lancashire.

As the manager of a small Home Improvement Agency delivering an holistic service Tracy developed much knowledge in the art of community navigation, combined with first-hand experience of the challenges and rewards of delivering a small personalised support service. Tracy took forward and developed this experience in her role as Co-ordinator for 2 years with the Shared Lives Plus Micro Market pilot project in Kent.

Tracy has worked with us on a number of areas since the Kent pilot project ended in April 2010 including playing a key part in developing our practical guide for micro-entrepreneurs. In addition she has supported micro-providers as Coordinator of a Micro Market project in Nottingham during 2010/11 and also in Hertfordshire from July 2012 until February 2014.

Tracy is currently working with us on the development of our Small Good Stuff directory and national membership network of micro-providers.