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A self – referral

Sean Ahern and Maria Smith from Camden presented a fascinating story of how Dennis was encouraged and supported to have a Conference to bring together the people who were important to him, and could help to give more consistent support in enabling him to have a safer and more rewarding life in his older age – but in a way that respected who he was and the life that he had led.

What was significant about this FGC was how it came about. He was meant to attend his friend’s FGC but he was unable to join as he was intoxicated on the day of the FGC which resulted in a fall and a trip to hospital. He was devastated as he holds Lasting Power of Attorney for his friend and he really wanted to be present at the FGC meeting.

His friend’s FGC went well and produced some significant positive results. This was a turning point for Dennis; he had a realisation that an FGC could assist him with his care needs and financial matters. Dennis contacted his friend’s Social Worker as he didn’t have one of his own and requested his own FGC to help him make a change in his life.

This is an example of a self-referral which happened organically from seeing positive outcomes. As the service expands family members, friends or neighbours may recommend FGC and the good word spreads.