Family and Group Conferencing stories

Two people sitting and chatting.

One of the best ways of learning about FGC is from the stories of people who have direct experience – whether as a coordinator, a person whose Conference it was, a family or network member, a practitioner, or someone who has been involved in setting up or managing an FGC service.

We already have quite a few stories to share, and we are always looking to add new stories if you might have something to share with us.  Stories may be written, spoken or on video, depending on people’s preferences.

A self – referral

Sean Ahern and Maria Smith from Camden presented a fascinating story of how Dennis was encouraged and supported to have…

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A whole family plan

Peter had lived with dementia for three years before Marion, his wife, who was his primary carer reported concerns that he had become disoriented and was starting to forget things.

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Michaela’s journey

This story is a logical explainer of the process from Michaela, an adult resident, that brilliantly utilised an FGC.

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A mother and son’s story

Daniel recently received a referral from a GP who felt some of his patient’s symptoms could be treated by addressing her relationship with her son.

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A practitioner’s perspective

Andrea is a social worker and describes FGC as a great tool. Like a multi-tool that combines utensils such as a nail file and bottle opener into one, the FGC tool is multi-functional.

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Family Group Conferencing in care homes

Olivia is a care home manager who recently attended her first FGC. Issues between Irene’s (a resident) next of kin and the home had been developing, the social worker David suggested an FGC as a way forward.

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A carer’s story

We have had a number of stories that relate to carers over the last year but this one has been chosen because it supported Bob, a husband and carer to realise – with a little help – he can continue to look after Nora, his wife, in the family home.

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