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A whole family plan

Peter[1] is an older man who lives with his wife Marion[2] in xxxxx.  Peter and Marion have 4 adult sons who care about them. Peter had lived with dementia for three years before Marion raised concerns that he was becoming disorientated and was starting to forget things. As Peter’s dementia advanced, he became angry and was sometimes aggressive towards Marion. Their relationship became strained and everyone around them was worried.

Peter and Marion’s sons didn’t know what to do and decided to reach out for help and advice. They contacted the local council to say they were concerned about the way their parents were treating each other. Staff who work for the Adult Social Care team at the local Council were worried too, they decided they would raise a safeguarding concern and get involved in the situation.

FGC was suggested as way for everyone to get together to discuss concerns and tackle the issues everyone had. The hope was that FCG would enable everyone to focus on their relationship and atmosphere within the family home.

At the FGC meeting Peter told everyone he would like to go out walking every day. Everyone agreed that this was a great idea, that it could enrich Peter’s life, help him stay active and healthy and potentially have a huge impact on his general wellbeing. Despite all these positives some people at the meeting, and Marion in particular, were worried that Peter might not be safe going out on his own.

Together, with the support of the FGC coordinator, everyone came up with a plan. Marion and the sons said they would support Peter to get out walking. Peter agreed to wear a tracking device when he was out alone, thus ensuring his safety and put Marion’s mind at ease.

The FGC engaged all four of Peter and Marion’s sons in their parent’s situation, and as a result all of them offered to visit more frequently and offer Marion more support as a Mum and in her role as Peter’s carer.

An outcome of the FGC was that Peter and Marion’s sons created a more supportive and reliable network around their parents. The FGC empowered Peter, Marion and the whole family to work together to improve everyone’s lives.

[1] Not his real name

[2] Not her real name