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What we do

Small Good Stuff does two things

We link people who need care or support with local people who might help.

We help small organisations that offer care or support. We provide them with information, publicity and access to a friendly network.

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Our belief

We're the friendly website that believes

• People want care and support at times and in ways that suit them.
• Local people helping other local people is good for everyone and for communities.
• Very small organisations can offer great care and be imaginative and responsive.
• Very small organisations struggle to tell people what they can offer (they don’t have huge marketing budgets like the big guys).

Local directories

Find your local directory

While Small Good Stuff works across the UK, some areas have their own local directory page. Find out if there’s a local page in your area by using the drop down box below. Select the area from the drop down box and then click on the “Visit Selected Area” button.

If your local area isn’t on the list, you can still use our main directory to find care or support near you.

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Why join?

List your organisation or group

a resource library of useful documents and links to other organisations

the ability to link with others through our Peer Network

information about directories and places where you can advertise your services

information about mentoring and support schemes aimed at small organisations like yours