Are you running or setting up a group or organisation and want a bit of help?

Whether or not you want to publicise what you offer on the directory, joining the Small Good Stuff gang might be for you. Becoming a member is really easy and totally free of charge, you just need to press the register tab and then fill in a few details. Once registered as a member you get access to:

  • a resource library of useful documents and links to other organisations
  • the ability to link with others through our Peer Network
  • information about directories and places where you can advertise your services
  • information about mentoring and support schemes aimed at small organisations like yours

As part of the registration process, members can also choose to set up a web page listing on the Small Good Stuff Directory (or choose not to if for some reason you don’t want to tell people about the services and supports you offer).

Small Good Stuff members can access all these resources free of charge.

You can also let us know if there is anything else you would find useful and we will see if others agree and whether we can help.

Infographic about passionate people making a positive difference