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What we do

Worcestershire Small Good Stuff does two things

We link people who need care or support with local people who might help.

We help small organisations that offer care or support. We provide them with information, publicity and access to a friendly network.

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What we believe

We're the friendly website that believes:

People want care and support at times and in ways that suit them.

Local people helping other local people is good for everyone and for communities.

Very small organisations can offer great care and be imaginative and responsive.

Very small organisations struggle to tell people what they can offer (they don’t have huge marketing budgets like the big guys).

Local links

What’s happening locally

Community organisations and resources

  • Age UK Herefordshire & Worcestershire – A leading independent charity offering support to older people.
  • Community Services Directory – The Community Services Directory is a platform for all residents in Worcestershire to find helpful information about registered health and wellbeing groups, services, and activities locally and across the county.
  • We CAN – A network of local community action organisations, representing the local voluntary sector across Worcestershire.
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