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Bhupinder Kaur

Photo of Bhupinder Kaur

Sarbat da Bhalla (“Prayer for the Highest Good of All”) – Daily Sikh prayers, Guru Nanak Sahib

Sarvodaya Karunecha bhaavana – “Upliftment of all beings through compassion and inclusiveness” – Buddhist Sutras

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu“May All beings everywhere be free and happy” – Mangal Mantra, Rg Veda, Hindu Scriptures

A Sikh monk, initiated into the discipleship and teachings of Guru Nanak, and drawing from the knowledge of Spiritual Masters of various wisdom traditions, Bhupinder continues to develop the Non-dual awareness and achieve Self-realisation, through both Self Enquiry (Yoga of Knowledge) as well cultivation of Love and Service (Yoga of Devotion).

On the collective front, Bhupinder continues her spiritual development sharing her experience and learnings within the community through talks, group sessions, workshops and participation in the Sikh Musical devotional worship (and continues to hope to get better at her singing and music playing skills someday!) Practicing non-duality, she has worked with Inter-Faith groups, providing community service through different religious festivals and socio-cultural events.

Bhupinder had the transformative opportunity of working with some amazing charity organisations over the last 10 years, supporting various projects with an emphasis on community outreach, Welfare to Work, Recovery and resettlement oriented keywork with clients presenting needs such as homelessness, alcohol and substance misuse, mental health issues, survivors of abuse and Trauma, refugees and asylum seekers, domestic violence and human trafficking.

She works with not-profit groups, in UK and Mumbai, India, contributing towards initiatives in education support, Youth work and mentoring, mental wellbeing and holistic practices, women-specific issues and the elderly. This supports BAMER and ethnic minorities in particular working within deprived and disadvantaged communities, assisting to overcome social, economic and cultural barriers.

In her free time, she enjoys music, dance, fitness, nature, studying scriptures and continues to be obsessed with her Guru, Gobind Singh and the Saints and wondering how exhilarating it would be to experience Life from their Level and state of Consciousness!! And hoping and praying to the Most Gracious for this to become the reality of all human beings everywhere 😊