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  • @myhermes another 15 min on hold then told we must ring back to dept we started at. Cut us off when we protested #shockingserviceAbout 9 hours ago
  • @myhermes on hold for 35 min to be told by operator that we need to redial pressing option 2 instead of 1. Redial leads to machine! Not goodAbout 9 hours ago
  • @rich_w 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄About 9 hours ago
  • RT @rich_w: How I did on Twitter this week: unfollowed 19 people who tweet "How I did on Twitter this week” tweets.About 9 hours ago
  • Can you help @myhermes ? Our (lovely Christmas calendar) packages have not been collected as promised - all phone calls lead to machines :(About 10 hours ago

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Welcome to Community Catalysts

Community Catalysts harness the talents of people and communities to provide imaginative solutions to complex social issues and care needs. We are a Community Interest Company established by and working in close partnership with the charity Shared Lives Plus.

Learning lessons from enterprising people

Headings like ‘social care’, ‘health care’, ‘community’ and ‘housing’ broadly describe the areas in which we operate but labels bring their own limitations. With this in mind we try hard not to limit our thinking to the conventional and are always willing and able to look for radically imaginative solutions that cross sectors and join up dots in unexpected ways.

We work with local partners (local authorities, PCTs and other voluntary and private sector organisations) to stimulate and support the development of high quality and sustainable local enterprises.

We support the development of Shared Lives schemes and Homeshare programmes. We facilitate personalisation in practice, externalisation of services and help organisations turn great ideas into inspiring enterprise. Read on to find out more…

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