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Exciting new community micro-enterprise project in Cardiff

Sam Walker

I’m Sam and I recently joined Community Catalysts to lead an exciting new project in Cardiff supporting local people to set up their own small enterprises offering care and support to other local people – we call these community micro-enterprises. Through our free development programme we will ensure community micro-enterprises are set up in a safe, legal, person-centred and sustainable way.

Over the past 18 years I have been an Unpaid Carer for family members. During this time, extra acts of kindness, which aren’t always considered when thinking about formal care, made a huge difference to their care, mindset and happiness…personalised, flexible approaches are what community micro-enterprises are all about!

Sam Walker, Community Enterprise Catalysts (Cardiff)

The two-year project is funded by Cardiff Council through the UKSPF and aims to revolutionise care and support, offering people more choice and control. As part of project, we’ll be working in partnership with other local organisations to bring people together, share the new approach and build on things that already work well.

We are delighted to be working with Community Catalysts to develop a community micro- enterprise scheme. This is a real opportunity to increase the choice available for people who need care and support while also creating flexible job opportunities for people who want to give back to their local communities.

Jane Thomas, the Director of Adults Housing & Communities at Cardiff Council

As well as helping people to set up new community micro-enterprises, we can also advise small groups and organisations already established who may be looking to diversify or extend what they offer. As part of the project, we’ll also be developing a local directory to showcase all the community micro-enterprises in the area.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Cardiff project get in touch with Sam. Or if you want to bring the approach to a new area you can get in touch at or 01423 503937.

By Sam Walker (Community Enterprise Catalyst – Cardiff)