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Budget response – money is only part of the solution for homecare

It seems that the papers have been full for months of the imminent collapse of the home-care market. Older people in particular are staying in hospital for longer because suitable care just can’t be found to help them go back …

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Recovering Personalisation

I am nowhere near an expert in the field of substance misuse but have always been interested in how personalised community approaches can support a group of often very isolated people.  Recently, I have worked with a number of micro-providers …

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Bikes and Micros

This may not sound like the beginning of a good news story but bear with me…I was knocked off my bike on my way to work one morning in early December which resulted in a broken elbow and damaged nerve …

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Community assets helping to deliver health and well-being

Read Sian’s article in the Emerald Journal of Integrated Care about the contribution micro-providers can make to work of health and well-being boards. Read more

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Glastonbury: Music, mud and a strange sense of belonging

It was 1971 when I was last in Glastonbury – a muddy field, a few thousand hippy music fans and Hawkwind headlining. I spent the next forty years saying that I must go back – but it wasn’t until this …

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