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Celebrating 100 Kent enterprises on Small Good Stuff

100 entrepreneurs in Kent have now successfully completed our development programme and set up their own community micro-enterprise. Community Enterprise Catalysts, Lauren, Nicole, Amy and Katy, celebrate its success.

We are delighted to celebrate this milestone. These community micro-enterprises support people to lead a good life across the county.

They offer care and support to older and disabled people, and those facing mental health challenges. This includes anything from help at home, short breaks, dog walking, gardening and shopping to community activities, including wellbeing choirs, fishing, arts and crafts, movement classes and support groups.

Small Good Stuff logoAll of the community micro-enterprises are listed on our Small Good Stuff directory.

The role of Community Catalysts

The Community Enterprise Catalysts in Kent played an important role in making these community micro-enterprises come to life.

Feedback from some of the entrepreneurs:

“I really want to sing the praises of Community Catalysts. Setting up your own small business can be lonely and challenging. The support I have received from Nicole has been amazing. She has helped me in practical ways, connected me with others but perhaps most importantly been a great source of positive encouragement. I am recommending Community Catalysts to others. They are performing a much-needed role helping people to help each other.”
Beryl, Living Life Well.

“Amy from Community Catalysts has been a shining light of guidance and support. This development programme has enabled me to cover all aspects of compliance which gives me the reassurance and confidence to move forward with my new enterprise. I am extremely grateful for the support of Community Catalysts.”  Yvonne, Sparkle Companions.

“So grateful to have had the support of Lauren in this first year of business. The support she has provided has been invaluable. She is nice and polite and sourced information for me directing me to the right places. Lauren is brilliant, talented and professional – she has been amazing in her support and driving the enterprise.”  North West Kent enterprises.

The impact on people’s lives

The community micro-enterprises have made a real difference to the lives of people in the community. Here are a couple of the stories.

AK Poppins has been working closely with the discharge team at the local hospital in East Kent. Due to Amy being available, a woman was able to come out of hospital and know she had someone popping in 4 times a week to help out. This support has been integral to her return to good health and Amy has been able to assure the lady’s son that his mum is keeping well.”  Katy, Community Catalyst.

“After participating in the Living in the Moment workshops I feel like I have been able to refocus and be more present. There were lots of beautiful activities and keepsakes…the packs we were given were really well thought out. Julie is an amazing person and working with her has meant so much to me.” Customer, Julie Roger’s counselling.

Funding for support

Kent County Council has made small grants of up to £500 available to help people or organisations on their enterprise journey. To date, 60 grants have been awarded to help with start-up costs or to support people available is from people in local communities – home grown enterprises!

We have been running the project to support local people to set up as self-employed or to run their own small enterprises across Kent. The project is funded by Kent County Council.