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Views from a new Local Area Coordinator in York…

I write this, 7 weeks into my new role as a Local Area Coordinator. As I move from one phase into the next, it’s a good time to reflect on my experience so far.

I am struck by the abundance of opportunities and possibilities that I have encountered in my community. York is famous for its narrow streets and story telling, hidden network of ginnels, alleyways and snickets; but there is another network in York with a powerful story to tell. Its people.

I have been swept off my feet by the enthusiasm of the people that I have met. Community groups, community members and community initiatives, all using the language of optimism. They know the potential of what their neighbours can do for one another and they want to do it.

I am also heartened by conversations with my colleagues in traditional service settings. Their receptiveness to language change, doing things differently and developing relationships is reassuring, as Local Area Coordination invites our colleagues to join us in what may sometimes feel like a “leap of faith”.

I’m excited to stand alongside my community and be part of the change; the vision for the future. And do you know what? I think they might let me.