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Expanding the community micro-enterprise network in Devon

In partnership with Devon County Council, Community Catalysts has developed a network of 50 community micro-enterprises, increasing choices for local people looking for care and support. This initiative, which ran for two years until April 2022 and is now led by local organisation, Disability Focus. It aims to continue enriching local care options with continuing support from Community Catalysts and Devon County Council. Simon Tickner, the project coordinator, has transitioned to Disability Focus to ensure continuity.

The two-year project has established a network of 50 community micro-enterprises that adhere to Community Catalysts’ ‘Doing It Right Standards’, collectively offering around 600 hours of support weekly to 125 people. The support provided by the community micro-enterprises helping people to have a good life, ranges from personal care and companionship, to practical and wellbeing support.

The Development Programme has prepared enterprise leaders to run sustainable, compliant, and responsive enterprises, offering a valuable alternative to traditional care models. This shift to Disability Focus marks a step towards further integrating micro-enterprises into Devon’s community, emphasising the importance of local, community-based support.

Contact: Simon Tickner, Microprovider Project Worker at Disability Focus.
Tel: 07984 989439 / 01803 659029 (direct dial).