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Equipment and coproduction – Medequip

Working in partnership with equipment provider, Medequip, to develop their approaches to community connection and coproduction.

This opportunity is one that is really different for Community Catalysts, and we think there is considerable potential for a positive impact on the lives of older and/or disabled people who use equipment across the country.

Work started with the coproduction of a new system for Medequip to gain feedback from people who use their services, and then to use it to develop and improve the ways that they work.

We convened and supported a small coproduction group made up of people who use mobility and other equipment and/or their families, together with representative prescribers and the Medequip team. Group members had personal experience of the type of service Medequip offers. Group members were asked to add their personal expertise to the development of a feedback system, thinking about the questions Medequip might ask their customers and the best way to ask them.

There are plans for other developments that have a focus on the coproduction of other new systems and processes for the organisation.

A new joint piece of work is Share the Journey: an offer from Medequip to support and advise public sector organisations who run their own equipment services. Community Catalysts is acting as a delivery partner in this initiative, one which looks really exciting with so much potential for positive impact.