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Partnership with Oxfordshire County Council to support the development of small enterprises and ventures offering help and care at home and in the community for older and disabled people.

As well as helping people to set up new enterprises, Community Catalysts is also advising small groups and organisations already established and looking to diversify or extend what they offer. As part of the project, we have developed a directory to showcase community enterprises in the local area.

Partnerships and reflections

The project started in 2020 with a focus on the Cherwell district, and since then we have developed strong links to other local, strengths-based work.

In 2021, Community Catalysts joined forces with SaluteMyJob to extend the reach of the offer to veterans and their families in the Oxfordshire area.

Due to the success of the project, in April 2023, the project was extended for another three years to cover the District of Vale of White Horse. The focus remains on helping people to set up their own community enterprises offering care or support, but also on increasing the number of local groups that people can connect with.

“It’s been brilliant to be involved in the development of Community Catalysts in Oxfordshire and I’m excited about the benefits that this person centred model of care will bring to our residents.”

Deirde Wallace – Health & Care Innovation Lead – Innovation Hub

“We are delighted at the number of people being supported by Community Catalysts to start their own adventures in offering care and support services.  Local people are being empowered to explore their own potential and, in turn, are offering support that is right for the people in their communities to help them live the way they want.”

Pippa Corner, Deputy Director, HESC, Oxfordshire County Council

“The drive, passion, excitement to get started, hit the ground running and see progress immediately…It’s often difficult to stop speeding ahead and take the process step-by-step, especially when some of the steps are tedious. But I love the speed and seeing the results instantly. Community Catalysts approach has been fantastic and the information shared is valuable.”

Yasmin Kaduji – The Green Dome Trust