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Anticipatory Grief & Let’s Talk Bereavement Sessions

Becky Goddard, your Community Enterprise Catalyst for Allerdale, met with Karen Dutton last week who runs free anticipatory grief and bereavement training online via CLIC. Karen has also offered to run free face-to-face training for CMEs if this is preferred (more on this below!)

Anticipatory Grief

Most of us think of grief as something which happens after a death. In fact, grief can start a long time before someone dies, but this is often not acknowledged, talked about or even understood. 

It’s completely normal to begin grieving before death, if you become aware that the person is going to die soon. When a loved one receives a terminal diagnosis, grief can begin right there and then. All the feelings and thoughts experienced at this time can be just as intense and difficult as those after a death.

These sessions are open to anyone living, working, or volunteering in North Cumbria, and who is wanting to understand more about anticipatory grief, with priority being given to this group. However, any spare funded places can be given to anyone outside this area that has expressed an interest in attending.

The aims of this session are for participants to:

  • Have an increased awareness & understanding of anticipatory grief.
  • Be able to recognise this in themselves & others.
  • Feel more confident about supporting someone through their grief & where to signpost for help and support.

Let’s Talk Bereavement

These sessions are for anyone living, working, or volunteering in North Cumbria who would like to develop their knowledge and understanding of grief, and feel more comfortable and confident about talking to others about death and bereavement.

If anyone outside of North Cumbria is interested in attending (particularly from South Cumbria, Lancashire, and the North East), please get in touch and you will be put on a waiting list and offered a place if there are any spare places available.

Aim: To encourage more conversations about death and bereavement.

Objective: To enable everyone in North Cumbria who needs bereavement support to be able to access it, and increase confidence in everyone to talk about death.

The sessions will help you to develop an understanding of grief, gain some skills and tools to better support the bereaved, and be able to more effectively signpost to additional sources of support.

Click here to sign up to these courses, plus more!

If you have any questions about the courses themselves and what is involved, please email the facilitator, Karen Dutton, on

If you have any registration queries or special requirements, please contact

And, if you are a CME who would rather do a face-to-face session, please speak with your local Catalyst who can arrange this directly with Karen!