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Celebrating our carers: a heartfelt thank you from Community Catalysts

Carers are definitely the unsung heroes of our community. Day in and day out, they provide unwavering support, compassion, and care to those who need it the most. We are deeply grateful for the incredible work that carers do, demonstrating boundless dedication and compassion, whether they are helping with daily tasks, providing emotional support, or being a comforting presence, etc. Being a carer can require strength and resilience too. Every day, carers make a profound difference in the lives of those they care for. Their selfless acts of kindness have a ripple effect, spreading joy and positivity throughout our community.

At Community Catalysts, we believe that carers deserve all the support and recognition they can get. That’s why we are committed to providing resources, guidance, and assistance to carers across Cardiff. Through our free Development Programme, we offer tailored support and mentorship to help carers succeed in their roles.

A heartfelt thank you to all the carers out there for all of the amazing things you are doing for our community. If you are a carer and you require respite for your loved one, find services available from local micro-enterprises in our Small Good Stuff directory. We are also here to help carers succeed in their caregiving journeys. Contact Sam on for more information about the free Development Programme.