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Dementia: Questions, Information & Useful Links

This month we are celebrating Pride. People living with dementia experience a range of challenges. Many of these will not be affected by a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. However, there are unique challenges that LGBTQ+ people with dementia may face. Click here for a range of information available online providing advice and practical tips.  

Information about dementia

There are lots of fact sheets that can be downloaded from the Alzheimer’s Society website. Some of the fact sheets are available in audio and can be found on the Alzheimer’s Society’s dedicated playlists on Soundcloud.

Is dementia hereditary?

Many people who are affected by dementia are really worried they may inherit or pass on dementia, so being asked whether dementia is hereditary or not is a very common question. Click here for a weblink with useful information that may support you in a professional or personal capacity. If someone is worried that their symptoms could be a sign of dementia, you can view the Alzheimer’s Society’s checklist here to help them describe symptoms to a healthcare professional or GP.

When is it okay to lie to someone with dementia?

Click here for weblink to a discussion around the difficult choices and situations around lying to a person with dementia to protect their feelings. This is another common question that the Alzheimer’s Society’s community Dementia Advisors are asked.

Dementia Connect 

To make a referral for dementia information, advice and local support from one of Alzheimer’s Society’s community dementia advisors, click here to make a referral or telephone 0333 150 3456. Staff are also available to come along and talk to you about the Dementia Connect service, so please do get in touch.