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Brighter Enabling Ltd

Brighter Enabling Ltd –, 07565942624

Our enabling service is aimed for children and adults who are Neurodivergent and Disabled. There is no minimum or maximum age for the services we provide. We are not limited to the services we have described below and we completely appreciate that some services are unique and individual so please discuss it with us and we will determine if we are able to accommodate.

Community Enabling (Care & Support)

We provide assistance, guidance and support to individuals with connecting with their local community, integrating with society, accessing activities and managing daily living tasks. We focus on enabling individuals to develop their confidence, skills and abilities to live an independent life where possible.

As an enabling service, our objective is to make daily life easier, more manageable and to reduce any anxiety. It is well-documented that day-to-day tasks and activities can be overwhelming and challenging. In essence, we aim to develop a relationship with the individual, and identify any sensory needs, behavioural strategies or coping mechanisms to reduce any potential anxiety, distress and behaviours that may challenge. Brighter Enabling has strong beliefs in applying a holistic and person-centred approach to ensure the needs of the individual are well met. We aim to create as low demanding an environment as possible in which they have the most efficient opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem and to achieve their desired outcomes.

The services we can offer are varied and are not limited to but here are some examples: 

  • Accessing activities and connecting the individual with their local community.
  • Support with accessing social opportunities.
  • Creating a grocery list and accessing a supermarket, or supporting with the process of shopping online.
  • Support with all aspects of admin, such as paying bills or corresponding to emails.
  • House cleaning and identifying a routine on how this can be facilitated.
  • Support with developing independence with tasks such as laundry and meal prepping.
  • Travel training on buses and trains.
  • Developing social networks, accessing social clubs and having the opportunity to meet new or familiar faces.
  • Managing nutrition and health needs.
  • Accessing employment or meaningful occupation.

Locations for support: Exeter, Mid Devon & surrounding areas, Taunton & Somerset.

Community connecting
We strongly believe that community connecting is fundamental and a substantial part of having a better-quality life. Individuals that are familiar with their local community can access social groups, clubs, leisure activities, and have every opportunity to meet new people and feel more united. This will ensure that isolation is prevented and that meaningful relationships are developed, ensuring a sense of belonging and social connectedness.

It essential that the individual is supported with the process of identifying what is available because this will provide an element of certainty and safety. This can involve doing some research on what is available in the local area and presenting it in an individualised way that is easy to understand and process.

Areas: Exeter, Mid Devon, surrounding areas, Taunton and Somerset

Languages: English

Last Updated: 5th March, 2024

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