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Complesso Community Response and Support

We are a new community support work project for Dudley Borough. We work with Dudley Council, other organisations and networks to support those in the community.

The support is being targeted to adults at risk and older adults who are resistant to care and have complex needs. The service offers a bespoke approach to supporting the person. There is continuous monitoring of demand and the service is continuing to increase capacity to meet demand.

Who is the support available to?

Adults living in the community with disabilities and of working age and older adults. People will have complex needs, will be resistant to care/support and are in a situation where no other provider is able to meet their complex needs.

Please Note:

  • This service is a registered domiciliary service and can provide personal care but is for people with complex needs as detailed.
  • People do not need to have a personal care need to access the service but must be Care Act eligible. The service provides a range of support including personal care, shopping, befriending, signposting and networking within the local community.
  • This service fills a gap where traditional domiciliary agency support is generally not equipped with skills or resource to meet complex needs
  • Complex care within this service offer is defined as:

Care where the person has fluctuating mental health needs and may not cooperate with a “traditional care offer”

Care where people may refuse support due to mental health issues/or neurological condition and require a more specialist condition specific approach

Care where there is a need for greater flexibility regarding support and care times due to levels of cooperation, fluctuations in mental capacity etc

Last Updated: 19th January, 2021

Contact details

Suite 8
Boot Factory
Cleveland Road

Quality recognition and indicator awards

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Care regulator registration:

Registered with the care regulator for CQC

Contract with Dudley Council

Integrated Commissioning Hub <br /> People Directorate<br /> Dudley Council<br /> 3-5 St James's Road,Dudley, DY1 1HP<br /> <br /> Phone Number: 01384 813372

Disclosure and barring check:
  • all workers (in eligible roles)