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Everyday Home Help

Who are we?

Everyday Home Help are an all-in-one, family-run home-help and elderly support service committed to serving those members of our society who require an extra helping hand. We provide services such as: Cleaning, Housekeeping, Gardening, Shopping and more.


What services do we offer?

  • Gardening: Your precious gardens are something that we have grown to learn are super important to you – however we also know that those gardening duties can be hard on bad weekends or there’s those few tasks you just can’t manage anymore such as harvesting the vegetable patch. We love to do this type of work for you – just inform us when you meet us and we’ll talk more about a schedule!
  • Shopping: We are able to help you get to and from the shops, schedule online food deliveries or even pop to the shops for you.
  • Pet-care: We love your pets as much as our own and when it comes to feeding, cleaning or walking them, we know it can be difficult. When the weather gets bad or your capabilities are limited, sometimes a helping hand can mean that your pets stay happy and healthy.
  • Organisation: Being organised can help you to keep a clear mind. Decluttering, filing, waste removal and tidying are all tasks we love to help with.
  • Laundry: Let’s be honest… you’d love us to do all your laundry for you. We are able to wash, rinse, dry, iron, fold and organise into your wardrobes and draws.
  • Dish-washing: We can do this for you! Standing for long periods of time or repeated wrist motions involved in these tasks can be difficult – it’s what fin’dependence are here for.
  • Social-media support: Fin’dependence know how much your friends and family mean to you but the likes of Facebook, Instagram or twitter can be just too hard to use. We can support you with this and allow you to stay up to date.
  • Budgeting: We can create spreadsheets and charts to allow you to visualise your finances.
  • Setting up Online Banking.
  • Games consoles: Playing on games consoles isn’t as simple as it used to be but we know some of you still love it. We can help to plug it in and set it up, find new games for you, ensure you’re playing on the correct graphics and difficulty settings and arranging repairs should you ever need (hopefully not!).
  • Surfing the internet: Using the internet can be difficult, dangerous and scary. We’re here to guide you through the process and provide you access to many fantastic resources such as Google, Amazon and digital news sources such as BBC or Sky News.
  • CV / Letter / Report Writing: Such as hand-writing or typing up letters to distant relatives and old friends. Helping you write a CV to send to a volunteering firm or submitting an application for meals on wheels.
  • Arranging GP, Doctors/Opticians, Hospital appointments: We can help you schedule your appointments, walk or arrange travel to and from them and even go with you. We will make sure that it’s in your diary and all arranged for the day so you’re not stressed.
  • Organising and booking travel: Fin’ dependence can buy your bus, train and plane tickets for you. We can also call and arrange taxi travel for you for wherever you want to go.
  • Physical Health: We can help you to get out and about and stay fit – do some armchair yoga, play some catch. It may seem trivial but every little counts!
  • Finding support networks, events and activity groups: This means finding local coffee mornings or book clubs. Local mental health support clinics or church groups. Help you to be more involved in the local community. Whatever it is you desire, we make it happen.
  • Volunteering Opportunities: Do you want to occupy some of your spare time volunteering for a local charity or fundraising? We can find you the perfect cause.
  • Finding Friends: We understand that loneliness is more common than it ought to be in our elderly and vulnerable communities. Our help at home service for the elderly and vulnerable can help you to meet like-minded people. Friends make us happy and we all need them! We can also spend time with you and be there when you need us as we love spending time with our clients.

Last Updated: 16th December, 2020

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