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Smooth Moves Lab

Movement to make you feel good
Learn how with the Feldenkrais® movement method

I love to help people discover joy in their movement possibilities. And become more comfortable in their own skin. I use the Feldenkrais Method® to do this.

I am totally non-sporty, with a lifelong sense of being clumsy and with constant niggles and aches. So, I can understand my students who are in pain or fed up with hurting themselves in a bid to stay fit and active.

This method is practical and gentle, suited to any age or ability. We use small moves for big gains.

Whether you want a looser, pain-free body, calmer mind or more alert brain, you can bring the benefits with you off the mat and into the rest of your life.


Classes & Workshops

The guided mat classes and workshops for groups are called Awareness Through Movement®.

These sessions are based on comfort, ease for all and step-by-step improvement at your own pace.

  • There is a general weekly online class in Awareness Through Movement® – Sat 10am
    • It is *free* to join your first online class, to try it out and ask me questions. I want everybody to enjoy it before they sign up for more!
  • There are monthly online series on specific topics – Sat 11:30 am
  • Workshops take place in York on occasional weekends – topics include  Movement to soothe & de-stress & Restore your back 
  • As Covid restrictions ease, I hope to start a weekly class in York again soon

Classes in York & online



I can work with you one-to-one to help you move better and with more ease.

This is perfect for you if you have a challenging situation, such as ongoing pain, are post-surgery, or with an illness or injury.

You may like to see me one-to-one to find out what it is all about before deciding whether to go onto join a group.

  • One-to-one sessions are online or at my York studio
  • We can work together to find you maximum comfort, with the use of props as supports, padding and rests.
  • Each session will be designed especially for you
  • It will be based around an Awareness Through Movement® lesson chosen to suit your challenges and wishes (from over 1000 lessons)
  • I can take requests from you about what we will do
  • Or I can plan out a sequence of sessions to develop your skills and help you with your goal or interests
  • When we know each other, we may also work hands-on, so I can give you an experience of feeling yourself moving differently
  • The hands-on work can help you let go of habitual tightness and muscular contraction – so you develop your skills quicker
  • Includes tailored movement coaching in response to observing how you move
  • Includes anatomy explanation and an experience of embodied anatomy – understanding yourself better from the inside out
  • Includes self-care tips for your own situation

One to Ones


Benefits of Classes & One-to-Ones

After your session feel calm, loose and refreshed.
Feel more at home in your body.
Learn skills for relieving pain, improving mobility, balance and breathing.
My students say it is like having a re-boot…they feel brand new!


Ask me questions…

Please get in touch to ask me questions, so you can find out how it might work for you.

Contact me on my website

Or email me



Last Updated: 16th June, 2021

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