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THE CARING KIND ~ providing help at home for YOUR loved ones or YOU !

Hello there!  My name is Lesley and I’ve had lots of experience caring for people, and if you feel like you need a little bit of help at home to do normal things, I’m here to do that with you. I’m very experienced with dementia, learning difficulties and the elderly.

It’s not easy accepting the things you can’t do so well anymore, and even a bit scary having someone you don’t know coming into your home, but we are a very friendly kind and caring bunch of people, and we just want to help you get the things you want doing safely and help you have a most enjoyable day!

So I can come along and help you get your socks and shoes on in the morning, or up and washed, and make sure you get and take any medicine you have to remember.

If there is anything that needs doing in the house, like the dishes, some dusting, straightening your bed, sorting out cupboards with you, grocery, shopping or any help with the internet and appointments, we can do those together too or I can do them for you…whichever you want is best for me.

I can take you to visit your friends, go out for the day or get you to appointments, and together we can make sure we don’t forget them as well.

Perhaps you have a family member that YOU are caring for already and you just need a little time off for yourself, I can come and sit with your loved one and keep them safe and happy whilst you go out for a while.

Another thing I offer is to stay overnight sometimes if there is a need to have someone else in the house while you sleep.  This would be reassuring for a lot of people and whilst I will be going to sleep too, I will be there if you need me.

Last Updated: 5th January, 2021

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