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The Wright Visitor

The Wright Visitor can provide you with kind, flexible and experienced, high quality care to help you to manage day to day living if illness, disease or disability are making things difficult.  I can help anyone who might who need just a little assistance with paperwork, shopping and daily living as well as someone who has more complex needs.

I am happy to help you to access your community  and meet and communicate with friends in a safe, supported and planned way. I can help you to meet with a friend or relative somewhere local or in their home or yours.  It is good for your mental and physical health and it is a pleasure to help you make this to happen.  It can be just for coffee or for a meal or for the whole day.  You might like to include shopping for and choosing gifts which I can help you to wrap and deliver.   It is not a problem to help with physical difficulties and the communication challenges that can make these experiences difficult.

I can help with daily planning: helping to make and attend appointments, to make sure that health and well-being are maintained. I can help to make a shopping list and then get the items you have chosen so that healthy meals can be prepared (with some support if it is needed.)

If you find filling in forms difficult or making sure that laundry is washed ,dried and put in the correct places so that it is easy to find and ready to wear is a challenge I can help.  I can help with basic housework.

It is a pleasure to read to you and with you and to enjoy the contents of your chosen book.  I can make telephone calls on your behalf to make enquiries or deal with any difficulties.  I can also help you with managing your money and budgeting for your regular expenses.

I can help with Animal care for any animal and can help with getting your pet to the vet for necessary visits;

You may enjoy a game of cards, scrabble, backgammon or draughts or just to share a cup of tea and a chat.

Whatever you need I am happy to help.


Last Updated: 16th July, 2019

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