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Votre Chemin Ltd

Votre Chemin Ltd was created in 2009 as a means for it’s founder, Simon Howard, to provide a support package for his brother, Matt, who has Cerebral Palsy.

After a year of assisting Matt to undertake many of the things he’d always hoped to achieve, Simon was approached to look into providing a similar package for another disabled person and so the company grew and continues to grow.

Simon is passionate that while developing this company, he is able provide a service to his clients which is as good as the service he provides to Matt.

Votre Chemin translates from French as Your Way and this is what we are all about. Votre Chemin is an organisation based around you.  We design and build services around what you want. We will look at who you are and assist you to develop your own path around your ethos and outlook on life.  We are about getting you what you want, Your Way.

The government want you to be in control of your life, they want you to have the services that are important to you. To help this happen you may be eligible for funding known as an Individual Budget There are several ways of receiving funding, from Direct Payments to Personal Health Budgets.

With these funds you can build your own support to make it fit your needs. You can employ your own staff or bring in an agency to provide staff for you and many options in-between, whatever you feel is best for you. You can use the money to go on holidays, help you to start businesses, get into work or just maybe to go and do things you enjoy. You can use this money to keep your house decorated and looking nice and even to help you to go and study.

Pretty much the only things you cannot use the money for is anything illegal, addictive or that there is already a benefit for (e.g. Motability).

All you need to do is set out how you would use your money to get the most out of what you are planning to do in a plan.

This is where we come in, we are here to help you plan to get the most out of your money, and person centred approaches are at the heart of how we work.

We look at you as a complete person, from your health needs to your daily routine and everything else that is important to you, and we can assist you to get most appropriate funding for what you want.

We will come and meet you, we will assist you to plan your support package as you want it and we can be there to help discuss the finer points with the funding providers. We will assist you to produce a support plan with regards to your health, routine and aspirations, which enables you to access a suitable budget for your needs.

Last Updated: 5th March, 2015

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