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Disability Festival at Birmingham City University

Ways for Wellbeing UK CIC (one of our Small Good Stuff community micro-enterprises) are looking to bring to Birmingham the first Disability Festival – celebrating all things Disability – to tie in with Disability Pride month, which is about being proud to be disabled.

It will take place on Saturday 6th July 2024 at Birmingham City University – Curzon Street Campus.

“The day is going to be about how we can show that we are disabled but able to do our own thing whether that is in education or careers, and how we have identified something that is not available to us and have decided to make it or deliver it for people like us to ensure equitable provision of services”.

(Nabila Gardener, Ways For Wellbeing CIC)

The festival will include the following:-

1.                  Key Speakers – from the West Midlands

2.                  Local Groups – Performances

3.                  Workshops

4.                  Catering

5.                  Spaces where people can go to get away from the crowds when it becomes too much.

Organisations currently providing in-kind contributions for the event include:-

  • Ways for Wellbeing UK CIC
  • Birmingham City University
  • Matthew Boulton College
  • South and City College
  • Arts Therapies UK
  • Augmented Lifestyle CIC

Register for your place, or get in touch at

Find out more about volunteering opportunities.

Birmingham Disability Festival poster