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Happy Dementia Action week!

Community Catalysts specialise in supporting people with dementia by empowering their caregivers through our Development Programme. We provide tailored support and mentorship, direct attendees to specialised dementia care training, ensure services comply with legal and regulatory standards, assist with marketing and networking, and guide caregivers in accessing financial support. Many entrepreneurs on our programme have become a Dementia Friend, or have dementia-related qualifications and/or experience.

Additionally, our Small Good Stuff directory connects users with local caregivers. It features dementia-friendly providers who offer a variety of services, including reminiscence-oriented activities, and who speak multiple languages. Explore the Small Good Stuff directory to find the perfect micro-enterprise to support you or your loved one.

If you have an idea for a care enterprise that could benefit people with dementia, or older adults, contact Sam for more information on

Community Catalysts aspire to play an active role in helping people with dementia to live fulfilling lives.