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How Community Catalysts are helping people to live a good life

What is a good life? This question will mean different things to different people which is an important thing to consider. We’re all unique and what a good life looks like to one person may be completely different for another. Community Catalysts recognises the importance of living a good life, and that is why they are committed to helping people set up, develop, and run community micro-enterprises.

So what does a community micro-enterprise do? They work locally, supporting older and disabled people often within their own communities. They use their energy and talents, and offer support and services that enable their customers to live a good life and make sure they can get help in ways, times, and places that suit them.

In the UK, there are hundreds of community micro-enterprises who offer different support and services. Often they combine their talents or interests so there is everything from arts and crafts, hairdressing, animal care, and holistic therapies, to companionship, support with personal care, help around the home, and gardening – and this is just to give you an idea of what is on offer.

There is a project currently underway in Gwynedd to help local people set up their own community micro-enterprise. Your Community Catalyst, Fran Lowden, is available to assist you with everything you need. In partnership with Cyngor Gwynedd, you can access a free development program and have the opportunity to apply for a grant of £250 to help with the costs involved. This grant will usually cover everything you need so all Community Catalysts need is your time and of course your commitment. Community Catalysts understand everyone works differently and are flexible around your everyday life – your support will be tailored to you.

If you are thinking that this sounds like something you would be interested in, then get in touch now. We already have enterprises who have launched and are currently working with a number of people in the area to set up more enterprises – don’t miss out on the chance to join them. They are changing the way care looks like in Gwynedd and paving the way for the future.

Here is how you can contact Fran today:

Mobile: 07435 943887


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