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Loneliness Awareness Week: supporting vulnerable people struggling alone in our community

In the UK, loneliness is a growing problem with around 3.83 million people experiencing chronic loneliness. Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in loneliness cases around the UK, intensifying the need for connection, community, and communication. According to the Mental Health Foundation, almost a quarter of adults faced loneliness during the UK lockdowns and we have yet to reverse this.

Even though loneliness is part of life, feeling chronically lonely can be detrimental to mental health and you should take the time to understand when you need support.

Although it might not seem like it from the outside, loneliness can be an extremely isolating experience, so it’s important that we protect ourselves and the people around us by learning about the signs of loneliness and how to combat it.

This week is Loneliness Awareness Week (10th – 16th June 2024) and aims to shine a light on the issues around loneliness and how it can affect our mental health. This year’s theme is ‘random acts of connection’, which involves improving and encouraging ways for people to connect with others to combat loneliness.

Befriending and companionship are such important services offered by many micro-enterprises supported by Community Catalysts across the UK. They play such a vital role ensuring that vulnerable people feel connected and are visible in their village or town. What act of connection could you do in your community?

Learn more about National Loneliness Awareness Week.