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People in Cardiff can grow well, with The Grow Well Project

Community Catalysts Cardiff have linked up with the ‘The Grow Well Project’ at Grow Cardiff. This project enables people living in Ely, Canton and Riverside to get together and chat, drink tea, and garden. It is a great opportunity to get some fresh air, exercise, and better quality sleep, as well as to meet new people and improve your diet etc. Creativity is welcomed!

The project can help those who are socially isolated/missing a family or social network, as well as those with depression/anxiety/stress, people dealing with a bereavement, people living with a chronic health condition, or carers etc.

Micro-enterprises who have completed the Community Catalysts Development Programme may wish to take their customers to be a part of the Grow Well Project.

If you are part of/would like to be part of the Grow Well Project and would like to find someone who could take you there, please look on our Small Good Stuff directory.