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Would You Like To Set Up Your Own Community Enterprise, But Are Not Sure How? Community Catalysts Can Help

Community Catalysts are working with Cyngor Gwynedd to help people set up small community enterprises that offer care or support to older or disabled people living in the area.

Don’t worry if any of this sounds a little out of your comfort zone – we have the knowledge, tools, access to training, and even a grant to help you!

We can also connect you with local organisations that can assist with bookkeeping, business support, and IT skills.

Your Community Enterprise Catalyst, Fran Lowden, will be on hand to help make your idea a reality, so that you can then make a real difference to people living in your area.

Once you are set up, you will be able to register your details on our Small Good Stuff directory. We are really excited about building a directory that will help local people to find the right care and support for them, which is provided by other local people.

We also have exciting plans for the future which include building a peer network so that you can connect with other community enterprises in your area.

If you are interested in setting up your own micro-enterprise in Gwynedd, get in touch with Fran Lowden on or 07435 943887.

You can also connect with Fran via the Community Catalysts Gwynedd Facebook page here!