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Optimum Healthcare Solutions

With support from Community Catalysts and the Community Micro-enterprise Project, Annatasher set up Optimum Healthcare Solutions to offer care and support to local people in the North of Central Bedfordshire.

Annatasher works with older people and people with disabilities, offering them support in their homes. This may include light housework, taking people to appointments, personal care, and help with admin, as well as enabling carers to take a break by being with their loved ones and offering companionship.

The local Catalyst has guided Annatasher with the promotion and development of her business, along with the implementation of some of the enterprise’s policies and procedures. Annatasher is now registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which has given her capacity to support more people.

What motivated Annatasher to set up her new enterprise?

Annatasher had worked in the care sector for a while and after researching what care was on offer in her local area and seeking additional business support, she realised that there was a gap in the market for more flexible, person-centred care. She had previously worked with people with disabilities, and decided to set up her enterprise to offer home care and short breaks as well as anything else that someone may need.

“The support I offer can be varied. I enjoy the flexibility of my role and to provide support to people in my community, promoting a better life and increased choices locally.”

What did Community Catalysts do for Annatasher?

The local Catalyst supported Annatasher with the implementation of certain policies and procedures. The Catalyst also offered help around the enterprise’s promotion, recommending opportunities for Annatasher to share flyers, advertise locally and to list her service in Community Catalysts’ online directory. In addition, the Catalyst offered some helpful support and advice around using social media to share about the new enterprise and connect with local people.

With the help of Community Catalysts, Annatasher has developed good relationships with adult social care professionals; she is excited to offer services to more people now that her capacity has grown.

What do people say about Annatasha and Optimum Healthcare Solutions?

“The support I get from Anntasher is great! I enjoy her visits, the practical support she gives me, and that she comes along to my appointments, which I need. I don’t have family locally; she is a real lifeline to me. I highly recommend her services.”

Customer of Optimum Healthcare Solutions

“Annatasher is a patient caring person. I appreciate the support and time she gives me. I always feel a boost in my confidence when she has been with me.”

Customer of Optimum Healthcare Solutions

Details for Optimum Healthcare Solutions and other local community enterprises supported by Community Catalysts in the area can be found on the Central Bedfordshire Small Good Stuff directory.