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T & S Healthcare Services

T & S Healthcare Services is a small CQC-registered enterprise offering a broad range of care and help around the home to local people in Central Bedfordshire.

T & S Healthcare is owned by two friends, Faustinah and Sheltah. Faustinah is from a nursing background and worked as an Intensive Care Nurse for 25 years. Sheltah worked as a Care Support Worker, working with children with disabilities for 15 years. The skills and experience of these two friends make them great business partners and colleagues; Faustinah acts as the Registered Manager and Sheltah is the Care Coordinator for T & S Healthcare Services. T & S Healthcare Services has five members of staff.

What motivated them to set up their enterprise?

Faustinah and Sheltah met through their children and became good friends, sharing a common background and interest in health and social care. They decided to come together as they understood that setting up a CQC-registered service would require a lot of work and different skills and experiences. Sheltah loves actively working with people, and Faustinah has excellent administration skills, while enjoying training staff and bringing her extensive nursing background into a management role.

Faustinah and Sheltah identified the rising need for care services. They wanted to deliver high quality care to people in their own homes, making people feel as though they are family, treating them with respect and dignity and promoting their independence.

How have Community Catalysts supported T & S Healthcare Services?

T & S Healthcare have attended networking events organised by Community Catalysts as part of the Community Micro-enterprise Project in Central Bedfordshire. This was a welcomed opportunity to meet social workers, other organisations and other community micro-enterprises. These events have enabled T & S Healthcare to raise their profile in Central Bedfordshire.

What do people say about T & S Healthcare Services?

“Our carer is helpful, polite and knowledgeable, and stepped in at the last moment. I would highly recommend.”

“They are warm, friendly, and caring. They were very accommodating and flexible to the needs of my husband.”

Details of T &S Healthcare and other small community enterprises can be found on the Central Bedfordshire Small Good Stuff directory.