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Debbie John

Photo of Debbie John

Debbie began working for Community Catalysts in January 2019. Initially she managed a two-year project called ‘Embracing Community’: a partnership project between Community Catalysts and Camphill Village Trust to enable people supported by CVT to use their gifts and talents to benefit the wider community. She is now providing project support for a number of Community Catalysts contracts across the UK.

Debbie started her career working for a global innovation company called ?WhatIf! Innovation, where she spent five years working with a huge variety of well-known brands, such as Astra-Zeneca, Coca Cola and Durex. She was conducting international market research and co-ordinating projects across a range of different industries. At ?WhatIf! Debbie developed skills in project management, as well as how to generate amazing ideas and really deliver innovation, from ideas all the way through to implementation. Following this she worked for Serco, a leading provider of public services, as a Communications Officer. She was based in the newly-founded Welfare-to-Work team, delivering the Flexible New Deal across Greater Manchester.

Debbie has always been passionate about inclusion and in 2013 she began working in Learning Disability services. Debbie spent four years at Mencap where she managed the Inspire Me project in the North West, as well as delivering a range of Community Impact Projects and accredited training. Alongside this she managed a Friday night social club for Trafford Mencap and volunteered as a Citizen Advocate. Debbie then spent two years at Pure Innovations where she worked as an Employment Officer and managed two transitions projects.  Both projects had ambitious targets and required her to think creatively about how to support people to meet their goals, such as pooling budgets and support and setting up their own community groups.

In her own time Debbie loves all things music-related, such as writing songs, playing the guitar, buying records and DJing.