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Sam Walker

Photo of Sam Walker

Sam Walker is the Community Enterprise Catalyst for Cardiff. Sam loves helping people achieve the flexibility and job satisfaction which they deserve by supporting people in the local community to set up small enterprises offering care and support to other local people (community micro-enterprises). For those already with a community micro-enterprise, she can help you diversify. For healthcare, career and business professionals, she hopes to collaborate with you too.

Sam grew up in an entrepreneurial family, where innovative ideas were encouraged. Sam achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Practice. Working in the public sector, Sam successfully helped make a website accessible to the whole community. After she became a mum and a carer, Sam educated herself in marketing. This gave her the perfect opportunity to help members of the community. As a Business and Marketing Strategist, she particularly enjoyed working with charities and turning around struggling companies. Sam also career coached people to get their dream careers. Whilst working with young people who have learning differences and with those from disadvantaged backgrounds, she recognised what wonderful entrepreneurs they made, so she created business courses for children. Her courses have been helping children across the UK to have the same opportunities, no matter what their background is, or what learning differences they may have.

In Sam’s spare time she loves hugging her fur-babies, walking and live music. Sam also enjoys travelling to new places with her family.

If you live in the Cardiff area and would like to set up a community micro-enterprise, team up with Sam Walker or just learn more about us, she would love you to call or email her.