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Tess Brooks

Photo of Tess Brooks

After qualifying with a degree in Psychology, Tess started in health and social care working for the NHS. This work focused on disaffected young people experiencing addiction, homelessness and displaying criminal behaviour. This experience led her to qualify and work as a teacher and lecturer, and later as a psychotherapist. Tess has worked in many settings with a wide variety of individuals, groups and communities.

In 2007, Tess joined Community Action: a charity offering volunteer-led services and projects within the locality. Services and projects focused on facilitating and enabling individuals with disabilities. During her 10 years as the Chief Executive, she worked with the local community, local authority and NHS to develop projects, services and enterprises to benefit the community, and improve mental health. This developed her understanding of what it takes to develop and run a successful enterprise. Tess experienced the transformation that can occur in taking a collaborative approach to challenges, and the power of technology to support this.

In 2018, Tess joined Community Catalysts as a Catalyst, facilitating the development of micro-enterprises, which help to reduce isolation and loneliness. In this role she developed a passion for technology and how this can support micro-enterprises to make the most of their resources. In 2020 Tess transitioned into the role of Knowledge Manager at Community Catalysts, ensuring that everyone within the organisation and partners have the information and knowledge that they need to work dynamically and creatively within their roles.

Her role as Knowledge Manager brings together a passion for learning and teaching, technology, people, resilience, self-empowerment, business and enterprise, communities and a solution-focused approach to any challenge.