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Supporting a clear roadmap to change

We were pleased to see the launch of the Time to Act ‘roadmap for reforming care and support in England’ from ADASS earlier today which is strongly based on the Social Care Future vision and puts together a practical plan to enable people to have ‘gloriously ordinary lives’.

We can’t have more of the same. Now’s the time to act


We welcome and support the roadmap which reimagines care and support, with coproduction as a thread throughout. The roadmap clearly defines 8 features of a better system, one that is:

  • Interlocking hexagons which include the following text: - Accessible and affordable - Fair in what it asks of people - Sustainable, efficient and effectiveFocused on outcomes and wellbeing
  • Personalised, cocreated and flexible
  • Proactive, preventative
  • Integrated and coordinated
  • Local community based and relational
  • Sustainable, efficient and effective
  • Fair in what it asks people to do
  • Accessible and affordable

Social care is about fighting for social justice, for equality, saving and improving lives….It is about human kindness


We are particularly pleased to see that the roadmap includes a detailed action plan with a range of short and long-term suggestions to show how we can make the transformation to the social care future we all want; highlighting the need for investment at a local and national level, but also recognising that for change to happen it needs Directors of Adult Social Care to take the lead to ensure that the path to change starts with coproduction, ensuring people who draw on support, their families, care and support providers and local communities are all involved…and that their vision of a good life is delivered.

This is something we are passionate about at Community Catalysts. We know from experience that coproduction is the key to success.

What’s next?

We’re thrilled to see that some of the work we’re involved in and projects we lead are recognised as key steps on the roadmap. We believe passionately in what we do and know what a difference it can make to people who draw on support and their families…and to people who work in care, organisations who provide support and communities when we get it right. We want even more people and areas of the country to have access to a choice of good quality solutions that enable them to live “gloriously ordinary lives”. So, we’ll keep on ‘doing the doing’ and we will continue learning and working with ADASS (particularly through our close links with the East ADASS team) to play our part in ensuring that we get to this better future together.

Want to find out more?

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By Pip Cannons – CEO at Community Catalysts

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