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Katie Clarke-Day

Katie Clarke-Day

Katie lives with multiple long term health conditions and has always had an interest in enhancing quality of life for people living with long term conditions. She has a number of degrees relevant to the work of the Coalition and has held roles in health psychology and social work.

Katie has worked alongside NHS England, the Health Foundation, local NHS trusts and the voluntary sector on projects that promote the needs and wants of those living with long term conditions. As a member of the Coalition’s Co-Production Team, Katie developed a relationship with The Reading Agency, after being commissioned to support the development of a reading list for people living with long term conditions. She continues to work with them and encourage their enthusiastic dedication to co-production.

The combination of Katie’s lived experience and professional background gives her a great platform from which to contribute.

“I remain invested in the aims and objectives of the coalition and its strong, unique position to bring about change. As a person with lived experience, the coalition is a place that gives equal weight and value to my contribution, providing me with a great platform from which to help and promote personalised care.”