Partnership in action

All Coalition Partners are committed to the same goal of working towards the widespread delivery of Personalised Care. Taking a truly collaborative approach based on shared values and ways of working, our voluntary Partnership provides a welcoming and supportive environment.
Code of Conduct

Partner organisations have agreed to adhere to our voluntary Code of Conduct, ensuring that the network continues to be a positive and open space.

Our credibility is enhanced through our strong grounding in lived experience and co-production, which feature in every aspect of our activities.

Partners are also offered opportunities to contribute to the Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC)’s planning, decision-making and delivery processes.

These activities may include:

  • Helping to shape the strategic direction of the Partnership.
  • Contributing to the delivery of strategic goals and elements of the C4PC operational plan.
  • Participating in network, workshops, planning and consultation events.
  • Delivering commissioned pieces of work subcontracted by C4PC*.

*C4PC may secure occasional funding for pieces of work that take forward the aims of the Partnership. In that situation C4PC will normally subcontract that work to one or more Partners, using a transparent and fair selection process.