Personalised care benefits

Research has shown that when patients have the opportunity to be involved in decision-making and planning their own health and social care there are generally better outcomes and experiences, and health inequalities are reduced.

The benefits of Personalised Care include:

  • improved access to care
  • improved health and clinical outcomes
  • better health literacy and self-care
  • increased satisfaction with care
  • improved job satisfaction for health workers
  • improved efficiency of services
  • reduced overall costs

When people draw on personalised health and social care and support, they are:

  • treated as a whole person, who has valuable skills, experience and strengths, by professionals they trust
  • able to readily access information and advice that is timely, clear and works for them
  • valued as an active participant in all conversations and decisions about their health and wellbeing
  • supported to understand their care and support options, and able to set and achieve their personal desired outcomes
  • offered a coordinated approach that is transparent and empowering, with their preferences being recorded and remembered
  • connected with health coaching, self-management and/or community support programmes