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A new identity for commissioning – what it means to commission well in a changing system.

Commissioning event

Join The Kings Fund with this two-day virtual event to be at the forefront of discussions about how the narrative around commissioning and its future is changing, and how organisations from different parts of the sector can get involved in designing and improving the services, both for those working in the health and care system and for the people and communities who use health services.

Sessions will bring together individuals and teams across the health and care system to showcase different examples of how commissioning is being used to plan and transform services. These will aim to inspire you to think differently about commissioning and the way organisations can work together to achieve effective commissioning process across the health and care system.

We’ll also explore how regions, integrated care boards and place-based partnerships will need to work together to design, improve and deliver services. You will also learn how the culture around commissioning, planning and improvement is changing as the system moves towards a more collaborative approach.

The terminology used may change but whether it is called commissioning, strategic commissioning or population health management it is important to recognise that effective health services need to be properly planned, designed and resourced – so the work of commissioning is, and will remain, vital.