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Circles programme

Bringing together women and those who identify as women  from across the health and social care system, the Circles programme offers an opportunity to learn together and to support each other to develop, irrespective of role, seniority or experience.

What will I learn on the Circles programme?

By completing the Circles programme, you will:

  • develop an intersectional understanding of gender in group relations, organisations, leadership and social structures
  • build on your critical thinking, emotional self-awareness, accountability, moral courage and creativity
  • grow your transferable leadership skills and build confidence to use them to enact positive change in the health and care system
  • develop an activist mindset and the ability to notice and challenge injustice in the workplace and beyond
  • help cultivate a culture of care among your peers on the programme, expanding your professional and personal networks and support structures in a movement of and for women across the health and care system.