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Publishing bodies ADASS, LGA

Adult mental health social care: Report from the findings of the 2023 insight survey

Report findings

We recognise the importance of mental health social care in the context of statutory responsibilities of councils and their key role as partners in integrated care boards.

With this in mind, in September 2023, we carried out an insight survey to find out about current practices and help shape and inform future support offered through Partners in Care and Health.

Directors of adult social services in each council were sent a link to the online questionnaire via email at the start of September 2023. A total of 71 completed surveys were received, giving a response rate of 46 per cent.


This report conveys the findings from the survey which cover three main aspects:

  • engagement in the Community Mental Health Transformation Programme
  • assessment and care planning – moving on from the Care Programme Approach (CPA)
  • arrangements for the commissioning and delivery of adult mental health services.

The survey has allowed us to understand the progress and challenges being made by councils in the commissioning and delivery of adult mental health services, recognising areas of good practice that we can learn from and share.

These have been grouped into themes, each with recommendations for future work.

Recommendations; Community health transformation

While most councils feel involved as a valued partner in the community mental health transformation programme in their area, a significant number feel that their influence is limited and the impact on local mental health services is variable.

The importance of strong local programme management that enables engagement of key partners is highlighted, recognising the time and capacity that this requires.