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Reconfiguring NHS services – ministerial intervention powers

Reconfiguring NHS services DH&SC

Under the new process:

  • a new call-in power allows the Secretary of State to intervene in NHS service reconfigurations at any stage where a proposal exists and take or re-take any decision that previously could have been taken by the NHS commissioning body
  • call-in requests can be submitted to the Secretary of State – the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) expects these only to be used in exceptional situations where local resolution has not been reached
  • NHS commissioning bodies have a duty to notify the Secretary of State of notifiable reconfigurations – this duty does not apply to reconfiguration proposals where before 31 January 2024 a consultation has commenced with the local authority in accordance with regulation 23(1)(a) of the 2013 regulations
  • local authorities are no longer be able to make new referrals to the Secretary of State under the 2013 regulations