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Building Blocks of “Better”; The 10 Principles of Local Area Coordination

At the end of 2020, a uniquely complex year for humankind, the Local Area Coordination Network wanted to reflect on the 10 principles of Local Area Coordination, celebrate them and consider what they meant in the context of our future challenges ahead.

We invited 10 people to consider one of these principles, giving their perspective in a 10-minute talk. We also asked Eddie Bartnik, a prominent global leader of Local Area Coordination, to share his overall thoughts too, from both the historical Australian context and of Local Area Coordination’s contemporary challenges and opportunities.

The result was these 11 speakers coming together at the Local Area Coordination online conference to kindly share their thoughts. It was attended by 180 people connected with, or interested in, Local Area Coordination who shared their reflections throughout on the “chat” function of the webinar.

We are delighted to share the individual videos of their talks here. Regardless of your connection with Local Area Coordination, we hope that you can benefit from these unique perspectives. We would be delighted it if they could both inform and inspire, and encourage wider collaborative efforts to bringing about better in 2021 and beyond.

You can view the full programme of the conference here.


Introduction – Eddie Bartnik


Contribution – Clenton Farquharson MBE


Complementary Nature of Services – Jessica Studdert


Natural Authority – Nick Gardham


Relationships – David Robinson


Working Together – Sian Lockwood OBE


Citizenship – Simon Duffy


Community- Clare Wightman


Information – Angela Catley


Lifelong Learning – Serena Jones


Choice and Control – Ralph Broad