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Dee’s Story

Dee's Story

In November 2021 the Local Area Coordination Network heard from Dee, a resident of York who has been alongside a Local Area Coordinator and has been a supporter of Local Area Coordination for multiple years. In this time Dee has handled challenges in her life and with Sarah, her Local Area Coordinator, alongside her, she continues to explore what her good life looks like.

Dee’s story is a real-life example of how Local Area Coordination and the 10 principles can support people to define and achieve their goals and build stronger networks of support. With Sarah alongside her, Dee has reconnected with her community at her own pace and overcome barriers.

But this story is by no means the end of the narrative for Dee and Sarah. Local Area Coordinators work without time limits, so Sarah can continue to be alongside Dee when she feels she wants to reconnect, without the need for referrals and paperwork.

“There is a great power and confidence in knowing that support is available to you but also knowing that you are in charge of how you receive that support.”

“Not only was I able to take my children to school, but I was also able to get involved in my community groups. I was able to give back to others in the community.”

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