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Formative Evaluation of Local Area Coordination in Waltham Forest has been published


The evaluation took place in the early stages of operation of Local Area Coordination in Waltham Forest. The evaluation demonstrates that, alongside other previously published national evaluations, the Local Area Coordination approach in Waltham Forest “is successful at improving the quality of life and self efficacy of people who would otherwise remain vulnerable and disconnected from their community and neighbourhood resources and formal services.”

It goes on to describe that “One of the things that is striking about the Local Area Coordinator role is the way it draws on elements of neighbourhood based community work and community social work skills while at the same time aspiring to hold on to a core of values and principles that focus on building on people’s
strengths rather than focusing on their deficits.”

The evaluation also considers the relationship between Local Area Coordination and Social Prescribing and recognises the important role of both models of working in Waltham Forest though emphasises that “Local Area Coordination is particularly important with regard to rebuilding trust and connection with people
who have lost touch with statutory and community support”. The evaluation also praises Local Area Coordination for helping to “promote and build community led resources and non-service solutions”.

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