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Launch of New Video Series, Kicking Off with Chris’s Story

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new video series which celebrates the journeys of people who have been walking alongside a Local Area Coordinator. In these films you’ll meet people from across London and the South of England who have spent time with their Local Area Coordinator to build their vision of a good life, plan what they need to do to achieve this vision, and have taken action themselves to make this happen, with just enough support from a Local Area Coordinator each step of the way.

The first of the series was filmed towards the end of last year and features Chris and his Local Area Coordinator Karen from Thurrock. You will hear Chris sharing powerful testimony of his recovery journey in which he established a successful community football group called ‘Turning Corners’. It starts with Karen reflecting on her role alongside Chris. This included initially helping Chris to understand his welfare rights, find more suitable accommodation, introducing him to an adult learning course and walking alongside him as he took the steps towards bringing his vision of ‘Turning Corners’ to life. Chris’s incredible achievements were in part due to the positive and trusting relationship between him and Karen in which his strengths and gifts were recognised and nurtured. He comments towards the end of the film that their relationship helped him transform his life, concluding that he now sees it as his duty to help others which he is evidently doing through his major contribution in his community.